Connect Your Android Set-Top Box with your PC or Laptop over WIFI


Hey Everyone, Today, I will show you how to connect your Android Set-Top Box to your Laptop or PC wirelessly.

Let us start with the requirements.

  1. Android Set-Top Box with ADB Enabled
  2. Laptop or PC with Windows or Linux
  3. Android App — Fing
  4. Scrcpy

Download the Scrcpy

Linux :- apt install scrcpy

Windows :- Scrcpy (32 or 64) after downloading Extract the files.

Now After Downloading all the requirements. Lets us start with the procedure.

  1. Connect your Android Set-Top Box to the your Wifi.
  2. Open Fing app and scan for devices.
  3. Find the IP for your Set-Top Box.
  4. Open the Command Prompt or Terminal.
  5. Go to the Scrcpy Directory where you have extracted all files from using “cd” command
  6. Now check whether you have adb command on your folder by using “ls” command on Linux or “dir” command on Windows. You should see something like this.

7. Now type — here replace IP( with the IP of Android Set-Top Box which you got with Fing App.

adb connect

8. You will see output something like —

* daemon not running; starting now at tcp:5037
* daemon started successfully
connected to

If this above step went successful, then you 99% work is done. Last Step to go.

9. Run the last command -


You will see something in your terminal like -

INFO: scrcpy 1.17 <>
scrcpy-win64-v1.17\scrcpy-server: 1 file pushed, 0 skipped. 1.2 MB/s (34930 bytes in 0.027s)
[server] INFO: Device: Model Number(Android 9)
INFO: Renderer: direct3d
INFO: Initial texture: 1920x1080

10. Now you got access to your Android Set-Top Box on your laptop or PC Voila.

You can find More Infomation over here.

Cheers, Have a Nice Day!!!




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Dhruv Padhiyar

Dhruv Padhiyar

Automation with AI ❤️

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